The smoothest, most enjoyable smoke of your life
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Whether you're smoking your favorite herb or lettuce leaf ... the fact is: particulate matter is bad for you.

But the problem has been, "How do you filter out the particulate but allow the true essence of what you're
smoking through?" 

Traditional filters not only remove the particulate, they also remove almsot all of what makes you happy - and
that's not good! 

Then there's the fact that your favorite herb is a tad more oily than tobacco, a problem that traditional filters
don't handle all that well. 

Now, we all know it's not all that convenient to take a bong or vaporiser with you everywhere you go, so if you
wanted a quick, discrete toke there has only been one real option - no filter.

But Savorette have changed that. 

Savorette pipes are easy to use -- and discrete.  

And while Savorette filters are surprisingly good at removing particulate...
.                                                      ...they're even better at leaving in what you most want out of that quick toke. 
"They laughed when I used a filter for    
. smoking 'herb' -- until they tried it!"
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